25 Surprising Facts About Valuation

Any reader sees special product secondly the patent claims could give really good protection next building block I suppose of the whole thing was to say well how attractive is kind of shale gas and geothermal and we had a little section.

The report really attractive lots of good things next but is will it be possible to this technology to be used so we had engineering reports and so on which kind of helped prove the fact that it could access these and then kind of following cost benefits and soon but.


The company had already entered into some early stage agreements with various potential customers so again it was saying well not just as special not just as the market attractive that there are interested parties so you almost got.

the start or order book all of that was then brought into the valuation report ultimately then using the income approach we looked at in the number of customers a number of applications and substantiated the forecasts that the thethe company had developed used a relief from royalty came up with a value range and found out fairly recently the-the company again tens of millions of equityviolence just for.

A four-month for a minority stake so I think you know itĀ mortgage property valuer gets back to that the value it doesn’thave perfect knowledge or doesn’t have the crystal ball to look into the future but for the investor reading that they could kick the tires they could say well these are.

The different assumption these are the different building blocks it’s what it’s worth investing itso yeah it’s trying to make things as visible as possible I think okay look into the back of the room you’ve been very quiet compared to the noisy ones in front all the more curious ones in front when should you start getting your valued at what stage.

I think an important thing to state is that if one’s carrying out evaluation full litigation or some big dispute or something like that you have to have a very detailed valuation report on that can take time and it can be quite expensive there’s a much broader spectrum than that so if we put that at the far end and saying that’s the kind of Rolls-Royce type of valuation they ‘re much simpler